Radio Taxi Scheme


Salient Features of the Scheme:

With a view to providing public with a safe, comfortable, sophisticated and personalized public transport system, Uttar Pradesh Transport Department has introduced the scheme of Radio Taxis in cities of the State which have Municipal Corporations, namely - Lucknow, Kanpur, Agra, Allahabad, Varanasi, Jhansi, Aligarh, Ghaziabad, Meerut, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Bareilly, and Gorakhpur.

Citizens of these cities will be able to easily avail the services of professionally managed, comfortable, air-conditioned Radio Taxis from eligible service providers who apply for permits under the Scheme. Radio taxi will be available to the general public in three ways – by calling them on phone, by hiring the taxi from the designated locations or by hailing an empty taxi on the road.

Radio Taxis services will be available on 24x7 basis. They will be new vehicles, fitted with GPS / GPRS technology for constant tracking by their operators to ensure passenger safety. They will be driven by well-mannered drivers whose credentials have been verified by the Police Department. Photograph of driver and operator, along with their details, including mobile phone numbers will be displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle for the information of passengers. Proper billing would be done through electronic fare meters fitted on the taxis.

The Notification of this scheme may be downloaded by clicking here. The Radio Taxi Fare Rates may be downloaded by clicking here.

Applicants’ Eligibility Criteria for applying under this Scheme:

1. Applicant must be any one of the following:

  • An individual
  • Association of individuals
  • Company incorporated under the Indian Companies Act, 1956
  • Society registered under the Societies Registration Act,1860

2. The applicant should:

  • Have minimum fleet of 10 radio taxis
  • Be financially capable to manage the radio taxi operations.
  • Submit a Bank Guarantee of Rs two lakhs on or before the date of issuance of Letter of Intent.
  • Possess adequate parking space for all his taxis
  • Have office space for establishing a control room with radio communication

Eligibility Criteria for Vehicles to be operated as Radio Taxis

The vehicles which are eligible for being operated as Radio Taxis must conform to the following criteria:
1- Should be brand new at the time of induction, i.e. should not have been registered more than one month earlier from the date of Application.
2- Should be driven on clean fuel (CNG/LPG). However, at places where such fuel is not available they shall be permitted to ply on available fuel.
3- Should have engine capacity of 999 cc or above.
4- Should not be JEEP type vehicle like Gypsy etc, which is prohibited.
5- Must be equipped with AC & heater in proper working order at all times.
6- Should have electronic fare meters on the front panel (dashboard).
7- Should have a display board on the roof of dimensions - 12 inch Length x 6 inch Width x 4 inch Breadth, with Radio Taxi shown by LED / LCD.
8- Should meet emission standards as prescribed from time to time.
9- Must be fitted with GPS/GPRS based tracking devices which is in constant communication with the operators’ central control unit while the vehicle is on duty.
10- Must be equipped with a mobile radio fitted on the front panel for 2-way communication between driver and the main control room of the operator.
11- Must be equipped with first aid box containing material as specified in these rules.
12- Should be replaced on completion of 9 years with a brand new vehicle meeting the prevailing emission standards.
13- Should be white in colour with different coloured stripes of one foot on both side panels to differentiate between different operators’ vehicles.
14- Should prominently display transport help line number both inside and outside.
15- Should display photograph of driver and operator, along with their details, including mobile phone numbers on the dashboard of the vehicle.

Eligibility Criteria for Drivers who would be allowed to drive Radio Taxis:

The drivers who will be allowed to drive Radio Taxis will have the following eligibility criteria:

(a) Must possess a valid driving license for heavy or light vehicle, as the case may be, for a period of not less than three years preceding the date on which they are employed to drive the radio taxi

(b) Must have passed Class-X examination or equivalent from a recognized institution

(c) Must be of good behavior without any criminal record, who are employed by the operator only after their police verification has been done

(d) Must be in prescribed uniform – white shirt, white trouser and white peak-cap. This will be supplemented by blue jersey or blazer during winters. The name of the driver will be clearly woven into the cloth of the shirt on the left breast pocket.

Area of Operation of Radio Taxis:

The Radio Taxis will be permitted to operate within the territorial limits of the Municipal Corporations for which permit have been issued. However, in case the vehicle is required to be plied beyond the municipal limit to the Airport or any tourist spot on the demand of the passenger, the State Transport Authority may consider the request of applicant for grant of permit beyond municipal limits, to some vehicles of his fleet.

Explanation: Municipal Corporation means a Municipal Corporation under the Uttar Pradesh Municipal Corporations Act, 1959 (UP Act No 2 of 1959).

How to Apply for Permit under the Scheme:
  • Download the Application Form SR-43B  in Hindi or English.
  • Applications have to be filled for each vehicle separately.
  • The duly filled Application Form has to be submitted to Secretary STA, Office of Transport Commissioner, Tehri Kothi, MG Marg, Lucknow – 226001 (UP).
  • Each application has to be accompanied by the payment receipt of prescribed fee, which has to be paid in cash in the Transport Commissioner office, as follows:
  • Application fee: Rs 500 per application

    Permit Fee: Rs 1000 per permit

    Court fee: Rs 200 per application

  • In case applicant is not in possession of vehicles at the time of application, he may request the STA for issuance of Letter of Intent, as specified in the Application Form.
  • The Application form will have to be signed by the individual in case the applicant is an individual, the lead member in case of association of individuals, and in the case of a Cooperative Society or Company, the Secretary or the Managing Director respectively.

Download Forms

SR-43 A_B_C_E in English
SR-43 A_B_C_E in Hindi


List of Documents  to be attached with the Application:

(A) Documents required with the Application Form:

  • For address proof, any one of the following, attested by a Gazetted Officer: Ration Card / Electricity Bill /LIC Policy / Voter ID Card / Passport / Registration Certificate, in case applicant is Company or Society
  • For proof of financial status, Solvency Certificate issued by District Magistrate / ADM.
  • For statements made in the Application, an Affidavit sworn before a Notary.
  • Self-signed passport size photograph of applicant.
  • Fee payment receipt
  • Certified copy of registration certificate of the vehicle to be used as Radio Taxi
  • In case the applicant does not possess 10 vehicles at the time of application, he shall submit Induction Schedule of the vehicles to be inducted within four months from the date of issue of LOI.

(B) Documents required after submission of application:

  • On or before the date of issue of Letter of Intent, a Bank Guarantee for Performance Guarantee of Rs Two Lakhs, valid for 5 years, in the prescribed format SR-43A

Special conditions to be adhered by the operator:

  • The operator or a permit holder shall:
    Not shift the main place of the business mentioned in the permit without prior approval in writing of the STA
  • Keep the premises and all the records and registers maintained by him and radio taxies open for inspection at all reasonable time
  • Submit from time to time specified information and returns
  • Keep a Complaint Book in Form-SR43E at a conspicuous place with serially numbered pages in triplicate, in their radio taxis and offices
  • Maintain a Suggestion Book in the main and branch offices.
  • Not transfer his permit to any one without prior written permission of the STA.

Procedure for Grant & Renewal of Permits by STA:

  • To successful applicants, STA will issue a Letter of Intent in Form-SR43C, for purchase of a minimum ten vehicles as per induction schedule finalized by the STA.
  • This fleet may be achieved by the operator within four month from the date of issue of Letter of Intent. However, temporary permits can be granted vehicle wise presenting at least five vehicles to start the operation.
  • Temporary permits, on having at least five vehicles, shall be granted to operator for four months so as to establish a control room fully equipped with a radio network and GPS/GPRS tracking system within a period of four months from the date of issue of Letter of Intent.
  • In case the operator fails to fulfill these conditions in four months, he will have to submit an application giving reasons for delay, plus a penalty of Rupees five thousand
    If satisfied with the explanation, STA may grant further two months time to establish the required infrastructure.
  • Vehicle wise temporary permits will be issued to the operator till he procures at least ten vehicles as per induction schedule. Once all conditions in the LoI have been complied with, vehicle wise regular permit valid for a period of five years shall be issued by the STA.
  • Temporary permits shall automatically stand cancelled and the performance guarantee will be forfeited if the operator fails to comply with the specified permit stipulations.
  • The permit initially granted for a period of five years shall be renewable for a further period of five years subject to the satisfactory performance of the operator.
  • Renewal for permits will be applied vehicle wise in Form-SR43B after completion of four years, but not less than three months before the expiry of the permits, accompanied a renewed / fresh performance guarantee of Rupees two lakhs or of such extended amount as may be fixed by the STA in view of rate of increase in the cost of Radio Taxis and their operational expenses.

General conditions attached to all Radio Taxi permits:

  • The general conditions of every permit shall be as follows:
  • Working hours of drivers is to be limited in accordance to the Transport Workers Act, 1961.
  • Radio taxi will be available to the general public in three ways:
  • (a) on call by dialing the concerned telephone numbers,
    (b) by hiring the taxi from the designated location,
    (c) by stopping the taxi on the road.

  • If the radio taxi operator uses or causes or allows a vehicle to be used in any manner not authorized by the permit or provisions of these rules, the operator /driver shall be jointly and severally responsible for any offence or crime which has been committed by person using the said vehicle.
  • An operator may at any time surrender the permit issued to him by the STA and, on such surrender, the STA shall cancel the permit. The operator shall clear all dues before surrendering the permit and seeking release of bank guarantee.
  • The State Government shall have power to change any or all of the terms and conditions in public interest.

(Format of Affidavit on non judicial stamp paper of Rs.10) Before the State Transport Authority, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow


            I……………………… Son of Sri……………… resident of …..  do hereby solemnly affirm and state on oath as under:-

1-         That the deponent is applying for the permit of Radio Taxi for the vehicle Number …………………..
That the deponent does not possess the minimum required number of vehicles at the moment, and is therefore, submitting an Induction Schedule in respect of inducting not less than 10 vehicles within four months from the date of issue of Letter of Intent.

2-         That the deponent declares that all information provided in this application and all attached documents in the said Application submitted herewith are true to the best of my / our knowledge.

3-         That the deponent further declares that the specifications of the vehicles, as well as the driver profile prescribed under Rule 124B of the UP Motor Vehicles Rules, 1998 as amended by UP Motor Vehicles (Fourteenth Amendment) Rules, 2013 will be fully conformed by me / us during the course of operation of Radio Taxis under the Scheme.




            I, the above named deponent do hereby verify that the contents of paras 1 to …… above are true to my personal knowledge.


Signed and verified this on……..th day of ……,2013 at…….



Sworn and verified before me                                   

Signature of Notary with date...................




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