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CMVR Forms
1 5(2) Application cum declaration of Medical Fitness
1-A 5, 7, 10(a), 14(d), 18(d) Medical Certificate format
2 10 Grant / renewal of Learner Driving license
4 14 Application for Driving License
4A   Application for International Driving Permit
8 17(1) Addition of new class of vehicle to Driving License
9 18(1) Renewal of Driving License
13 24(2), 25 Renewal of License of Driver Training Schools
16 34(1) Application for grant / renewal of Trade Certificate
18 38(1) Intimating loss / destruction of Trade Certificate
20 47 Application for Registration of Motor Vehicles
25 52(1) Application for renewal of registration certificate of a motor vehicle other than transport vehicle
26 53 Application for issue of duplicate RC
27 54 Application for new mark to a motor vehicle
28 54, 58(1), 3, 4 Application & grant of No-Objection Certificate
29 55(1) Notice of transfer of ownership of motor vehicle
30 51(2), 3 Application for intimation and transfer of ownership of MV
31 56(2) Transfer of ownership to person succeeding to its possession
32 57(1) Transfer of ownership of a MV acquired in public auction
33 59 Application for change of address in RC
34   Application for making an entry of an Agreement of Hire Purchase / Lease/ Hypothecation subsequent to registration
35   Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase / Lease / Hypothecation
36   Application for issue of a fresh Certificate of Registration in the name of the Financier
45   Application for Grant of Permit in respect of Tourist Vehicle
46   Application for Grant of Authorisation for Tourist permit or National permit
48   Application for the Grant of National Permit
54 150(a), 2 Accident Information Report
SR-1 8 Intimation of loss / destruction of licence
SR-17 41 (2) Application for Temporary Registration of Motor Vehicle
SR-48 204 (1) Application for Accident Compensation (1)
SR-49 204 (1) Application for Accident Compensation (2)

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